The personal involvement and discernment of our Senior Partners guarantees a differentiated Talent Advisory perspective for our Clients.

Leonel van Aldere de Mendonça, Managing Partner

Value proposition

Our Partners Deliver

In our firm the partners are not only responsible for, but also directly involved in the delivery of the searches. 


In the event of a candidate resigning or being dismissed within a period of six months we will repeat the assignment without charge.

Swift Delivery

We aim to deliver shortlists within a timescale of 4 weeks, but understand some cases require this to be even quicker, and will conduct in 3 weeks, as necessary.

Clearly Defined Off-Limits

We choose to work for a limited and select group of clients, guaranteeing enough candidates to choose from.

Cost Efficient

Our flexible resources, structure and experience allow us to deliver international searches at the cost of local searches.

Dedicated Follow-Up

We work with clients and candidates to achieve a successful integration and our involvement continues well after the placement phase.