DMD Consulting offers a coaching service which enables executives to become empowered and capable of producing quick results and being more effective within their company's specific cultural environment. We ensure an accurate and unbiased assessment of skills, strengths and areas for development, a specific and actionable personal development plan, plus a sound and objective way to measure improvement over time. We will also assist individuals to undertake an in depth analysis into personal aspirations, ambitions, values, competencies and skills and align those with the company's strategy, mission and vision.

We help executives to develop their abilities in the broad spectrum of managerial, leadership and lifestyle issues utilising one to one coaching. Coaching provides a confidential sounding board, time for reflection and creativity as well as an independent outlook on executives issues and challenges.

We customise the coaching programme towards the company culture, organisational environment and leadership team needs. The client will always be in charge, defining their needs and priorities whilst our coaches facilitate the development and learning process. This result in a leadership development approach focused on the needs of both the individual executive and the business or organisation with whom they are involved.